Portable Power for the Aviation Industry

The aviation industry runs on power. Everything from airports to planes, electrical power is one of the core elements of transportation. Now, most people already know that airports have generators and other high-powered energy supply units built-in that allow them to generate a steady stream of electricity to all incoming planes after they taxi. But, what if there was another way to provide electricity in the form of portable power?

Portability Has Its Benefits

As a matter of fact, there is. Airports send out units that have a portable power pack installed on their vehicle to all planes that arrive. This allows them to provide a steady flow of power that allows for the lights, air conditioners, and other sources that require electricity to continue functioning, even after the engine is shut off. Depending on the size of the plane, there could be multiple units that are used. Typically, your standard unit will have a set voltage that is fully powered. The users will then attach the power cables to the plane’s port. The plane will then still be able to fully function without the need for the engine – allowing crew members to proceed with their maintenance routine.

Portable Power Units Are Used Everywhere

Privately-owned landing strips and airfields also utilize portable power packs. Although they may not be as glorious as the ones you see at the major airports, they still perform their job adamantly. Many of these units can be attached to a central generator, and then brought to the plane. Some vehicles will require there to be a portable power source in order to complete the turbine starting sequence. In this instance, there are even more portable forms that take on a design similar to a portable car battery supplier. They can be dragged via cart, or even lugged around by hand.

Purchasing a Portable Power Pack

If you are looking to purchase a portable power supply unit for your plane, be sure to contact reputable manufacturers that have a history of working with aviation. Trusted companies like Start Pac, one of the major portable power manufacturers in the United States, have supplied thousands of power units to plane owners around the country. With a focus on guiding the individual through picking out what’s best for them, Start Pac is one of the few companies that pride themselves in sharing their vast knowledge with their customer base.

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