10 Marketing Tips for Instagram

Article by Pierre Zarokian

With our world becoming more globally-connected, It’s understandable that 50 percent of businesses have moved to Instagram for marketing their products.  However, moving to Instagram is not as easy as it sounds, so if you want to make the change, make sure that you know these 10 tips before you start.

  1. Make the Right Type of Profile

When creating a profile for your business, make sure you create a business profile instead of a personal profile. Having a business profile gives you access to ads and analytics tools that can help you manage your profile.

  1. Instagram Advertisements

The easiest way to gain an audience for your profile is with Instagram ads. Ads however are not free, so when you are creating them make sure you are promoting content that is the best example of your product.

  1. Get a Shout Out

Similar to making Instagram ads, shout outs are a great way for businesses to expand their Instagram following. Getting a shout out from a business or influencer with an already established community can bring in a lot more followers than an Instagram ad.

  1. Utilize Hashtags

When making a post on Instagram it is important that you utilize Instagram’s hashtags in order to gain views. Hashtags are a great way to get your posts seen by different people. In order to get the most attention to your post, try and use hashtags related to your product, for example, if you are selling a new shoe you might use the hashtags #shoe or #basketball if your shoes are sports shoes.

  1. Post Regularly

When making a profile it is very hard to gain followers and likes without promoting your content. However, keeping a regular schedule and not giving up is a good way to start slowly gaining followers. You never know, one of those posts might go viral.

  1. Make a Creative Caption

Captions are a great way to market what you are selling, without a caption, someone can’t get the necessary information to buy your product. Try making a caption with a trendy slogan about your company that can help bring new customers to your business.

  1. Answer Questions

Answering questions about your product is really important when starting off your profile. If you answer the questions, quickly and accurately users will be more likely to buy your product than if you didn’t. Always sound genuine in order to create a better customer experience for your followers.

  1. Know when to post

Make sure you use the data Instagram provides to help design a schedule for when you should post. For more information see here.

  1. Use Instagrams Tools

As your audience grows try using Instagram analytics to gauge who is interested in your posts. When using this tool you can see your follower’s age, location, and what time your posts are gaining the most traction. These stats can help you build your target audience.

  1. Follow!

One of the easiest ways to gain followers is to follow people with similar accounts to yours. When you follow them, they will usually follow you back.

I hope that these tips would help you to grow your Instagram followers and gain more business.

About the Author:
Pierre Zarokian is a digital marketing expert. He runs iClimber, a social media marketing company and Web Design Express, a web design company. Contact Pierre Zarokian on his Twitter page.

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